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VapeShell replenishing stock periodically!

We have already added more VapeShell pieces to stock, and will keep adding over the weekend. Aim is to ensure constant availability gradually (normal thing to do) and abandon the releases concept. Hope this happens really soon.

VapeShell releases keep coming!

Check out our news section often, as VapeShell releases keep coming. Schedule for next two releases as follows, while more are due for next week!
- Wednesday April 18th 01.00 (am) Athens Greece time / check countdown here.
- Thursday April 19th 19.00 Athens Greece time / check countdown here.

VapeShell 2nd batch is ready!

Better late than never - we are at last ready to start releases of VapeShell 2nd production batch! Together with new batch of VapeShell, we will be making available the all new MTL Air Flow Pins Kit as a separate add-on. Releases will be arranged at different hours each time, to sync with convenient times of different places worldwide. Here is the schedule of first two releases:
- Wednesday April 11th 10.00am Athens Greece time / check countdown here.
- Wednesday April 18th 01.00am Athens Greece time / check countdown here.

Easter holidays!

Hey all! Orthodox Easter is coming, so we will remain closed from Friday 6th to Monday 9th April. Back for orders processing and updates about the VapeShell, on Tuesday April 10th! Thanks for waiting, happy Easter, health and prosperity to everyone :)

VapeShell production batch no 2!

Things are getting clear as we will be putting the finishing touches to production batch no2 of the VapeShell till the end of this week. We are heading towards a release somewhere around Wednesday April 11th, so stay with us for precise details over the next days! Thanks for waiting ;)

VapeShell Release Updates.

Hello Billet fam ;) While the production of VapeShell batch no2 has already started, we have just scheduled two last releases for all the remaining pieces of this first small batch. 1. Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 22.00GMT and 2. Monday 5th Mar 2018 22.00GMT Vapers that know of Atmizone long before the VapeShell, are already familiar with our tactics, policies and mentality and also aware that we are fans of constant availability and customers' equal treatment. It is true that the demand for the VapeShell has exceeded our expectations, being far greater than the prepared number of devices and our overall estimates. Of course it is very satisfying to see this and we sincerely thank you all for embracing the VapeShell. On the other hand though, we feel we need to apologise for the lack of devices, some server issues during the first release, and all the waiting and anxiety. This is *not* how we like to work, thus we have already taken all the actions to improve upon bringing this second production batch to the community.

Upcoming VapeShell release

‪Upcoming VapeShell release, Monday 19th Feb 21.00GMT. 💨💨

VapeShell next release…

VapeShell next, US-friendly, release: Sunday 18th Feb 01.00GMT (Sat 20.00 EST for US) 🌎🌎 Check the countdown here, to make sure about the exact time. There will be another release in the next 1-2 days, EU-convenient hours this time... All orders from today's release and next release will be processed and dispatched on Tuesday 20 Feb, since Monday is bank holiday (Ash Monday here). Thank you!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Merry Xmas and all the best in New Year from everyone here in Atmizone! This Xmas Santa brings with him some very interesting goodies, due to be coming to our lab over the next days. So eat and drink a bunch, enjoy the festive days with your families and friends, but also stay tuned with us for relative announcements. Holidays scheduling: All orders placed from Friday Dec 22nd to Tuesday Dec 26th will be processed on Wednesday Dec 27th. All orders placed from Friday Dec 29nd to Monday Jan 1st will be processed on Tuesday Jan 2nd. Thank you in advance for your understanding, all the best and happy holidays for all!

Summer holidays time!!

Atmizone will be closing for some special summer holiday cocktails from Friday Aug. 11th till Sunday Aug. 20th. Cocktail "Vape on the beach" ingredients: - 1 Lab 65 - 1 Keras Giga Rev - 1/2 oz Creative Contemplation - 1/2 oz September Project "Surprise" - 1 oz diving - 1 oz vaping - 1 oz eating/drinking like there is no tomorrow All orders placed during this period will be processed and dispatched on Monday, Aug. 21st. Support inquiries response time will be as usual - less than 24h - so, no need to worry if there is any support issue bothering you! Enjoy the summer and vape on!

Easter holidays!

Due to Orthodox Easter holidays, Atmizone and DHL Express Courier will remain closed from Friday April 14th until Monday April 17th. All orders placed during this period will be processed *and* dispatched on Tuesday April 18th. Thank you very much for your understanding about this small delay ;)

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for all!

All orders placed from Dec 24th to Jan 1st will be processed on Monday, Jan 2nd. Thank you in advance for your understanding, all the best and happy holidays for everyone!

Keras MTA Nano version temporarily out of stock.

First batch of Keras MTA Nano already out of stock - believe it or not - only 5 days after public release! Thanks a ton for your support, new batch due for release by the end of next week ;)

Keras MTA Giga release!

The Keras MTA Giga version is here! All owners of the Wave RTA having purchased from, opt for priority and early purchase of the Keras MTA Giga. If you have purchased a Wave from us and want to get the Keras Giga before everyone else, just send an email to to know the details. You won't have to wait for the scheduled public release batches, as custom orders upon request and dispatch of items start as you read these lines! For everyone else, the first scheduled public release is due for this Saturday, October 1st 2016, GMT +06:00 (GMT time to your local time conversion here Atmizone's multi-tank concept goes public!

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