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Upcoming VapeShell release

‪Upcoming VapeShell release, Monday 19th Feb 21.00GMT. 💨💨

VapeShell next release…

VapeShell next, US-friendly, release: Sunday 18th Feb 01.00GMT (Sat 20.00 EST for US) 🌎🌎 Check the countdown here, to make sure about the exact time. There will be another release in the next 1-2 days, EU-convenient hours this time... All orders from today's release and next release will be processed and dispatched on Tuesday 20 Feb, since Monday is bank holiday (Ash Monday here). Thank you!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Merry Xmas and all the best in New Year from everyone here in Atmizone! This Xmas Santa brings with him some very interesting goodies, due to be coming to our lab over the next days. So eat and drink a bunch, enjoy the festive days with your families and friends, but also stay tuned with us for relative announcements. Holidays scheduling: All orders placed from Friday Dec 22nd to Tuesday Dec 26th will be processed on Wednesday Dec 27th. All orders placed from Friday Dec 29nd to Monday Jan 1st will be processed on Tuesday Jan 2nd. Thank you in advance for your understanding, all the best and happy holidays for all!

Summer holidays time!!

Atmizone will be closing for some special summer holiday cocktails from Friday Aug. 11th till Sunday Aug. 20th. Cocktail "Vape on the beach" ingredients: - 1 Lab 65 - 1 Keras Giga Rev - 1/2 oz Creative Contemplation - 1/2 oz September Project "Surprise" - 1 oz diving - 1 oz vaping - 1 oz eating/drinking like there is no tomorrow All orders placed during this period will be processed and dispatched on Monday, Aug. 21st. Support inquiries response time will be as usual - less than 24h - so, no need to worry if there is any support issue bothering you! Enjoy the summer and vape on!

Easter holidays!

Due to Orthodox Easter holidays, Atmizone and DHL Express Courier will remain closed from Friday April 14th until Monday April 17th. All orders placed during this period will be processed *and* dispatched on Tuesday April 18th. Thank you very much for your understanding about this small delay ;)

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for all!

All orders placed from Dec 24th to Jan 1st will be processed on Monday, Jan 2nd. Thank you in advance for your understanding, all the best and happy holidays for everyone!

Keras MTA Nano version temporarily out of stock.

First batch of Keras MTA Nano already out of stock - believe it or not - only 5 days after public release! Thanks a ton for your support, new batch due for release by the end of next week ;)

Keras MTA Giga release!

The Keras MTA Giga version is here! All owners of the Wave RTA having purchased from, opt for priority and early purchase of the Keras MTA Giga. If you have purchased a Wave from us and want to get the Keras Giga before everyone else, just send an email to to know the details. You won't have to wait for the scheduled public release batches, as custom orders upon request and dispatch of items start as you read these lines! For everyone else, the first scheduled public release is due for this Saturday, October 1st 2016, GMT +06:00 (GMT time to your local time conversion here Atmizone's multi-tank concept goes public!

Summer Holidays Time!!

Summer Holidays are here! We will take some time off from Thursday, Aug. 11th, 2016, till Monday, Aug. 22nd, 2016, for swimming/diving/eating/drinking/vaping purposes ;) After charging our batteries (IMR top quality as always), we will be back to process any order and dispatch everything on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 2016. However, we will be always alert for anything you might need, trying to answer any email inquiry with the usual speed - within 24 hours tops. PS: Our return will be combined with some *very* interesting news!

BBC Horizon – e-cigs / miracle or menace?

BBC's Michael Mosley (Horizon) has recently presented one of the few official efforts worldwide, to put vaping and smoking on the scales. Unbiased, comprehensive, scientific, as much as one hour of TV time can allow. It is a must-watch for everyone, either vaper, or smoker (even those who neither vape nor smoke). Watch it here!

Merry Xmas 2015!

This Xmas you can be your Santa. Treat yourself a gift: quitsmoking!! Xmas2015

The official Wave device presented to public.

Atmizone thanks all public testers for their crucial contribution. We proudly bring the Wave RTA official device to the vaping community on Wednesday, October 7th, 16.00 GMT.

Public Testing Period updated Scheduling.

As the Public Testing procedure has proved to be *quite* fruitful until today, we have decided to extend the Public Testing Period up to next Friday, Sept. 18th 2015, in order to get the most out this. One more week will be very useful to complete our feedback in the best possible way and give you some more time to fiddle with the Wave as much as you can ;) We will keep in touch during the next few days with extra tips, an example of the Horizontal Setup with close up photos - instructions and more! The Questionnaire link will be active from Monday, Sept. 14th 2015 for those wanting to complete it. We are also available for any communication via email/social media. Thanks once again for taking part!

Public Testing Period scheduling.

Until now, Saturday, Sept. 5th 2015, all Public Testers have the Wave public testing device in their hands. The support section of the Wave RTA is up since Friday, Sept. 4th 2015, with many details, info and videos. The Public Testing questionnaires are expected to be linked to the Public Testers on Monday, Sept. 7th 2015. The Public Testing Period ends on Friday, Sept. 11th 2015 and this is when we expect all questionnaires to be answered.

Meet the Wave in detail.

Public Testers and fellow vapers, meet the Wave RTA in detail via our support section.

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