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Short Description

Telescopic mech mod with a smooth, top-side-mounted switch, able to house a variety of battery sizes. Versatile and minimal.

Development Status

Completed project.


The development of the Roller started in January 2012. It is based on a retractable prototype that was originally built during the summer of 2011. Its design is characterized by a timeless, minimal aesthetic form with simple, clear lines and a large, well-balanced button. The Roller was the first mod to feature a fully mechanical, top-firing switch with a built-in safety lock.


The Roller (patent pending) is a versatile, fully mechanical battery tube mod, which is able to accommodate different battery sizes without additional parts.

In 18350 mode, the Roller is a small and elegant device, suitable for every occasion. For endless vaping, or for use with lower resistances, the mod can be used with larger 18500/650 batteries, while still looking good. The Roller is able to fit 16340 to 18650 batteries (16340, 18350, 18500 and 18650).

The switch of the Roller is purely mechanical and fully rebuildable, and is undoubtedly the common point-of-reference for all top-firing mech designs that came after it. The original Roller switch was developed in-house by Atmizone and integrates an innovative locking mechanism that prevents accidental operation.

  • Flexible, smart retractable body that allows the use of 16340 to 18650 batteries.
  • Custom-developed, fully mechanical switch with silver-plated brass contacts and a built-in safety lock.
  • Adjustable atomizer pin height.
  • 100% original design – all parts, down to the smallest spring, have been designed and manufactured specifically for use with the mod.
  • Basic short-circuit protection with the use of a (removable) collapsible, custom-built spring.
  • Great variety of surface finishes and availability of custom editions.
  • Dimensions: D: 22.7mm L: 69mm. Weight: 73g.

The Roller is made of high grade stainless steel and comes in 4 variations:

  • Roller SS-P, with a Polished suface finish,
  • Roller SS-IM, with a shot-blasted Ice-Matte finish,
  • Roller SS-M, with a natural Matte finish, and
  • Roller SS Custom, which is custom-built-to-order with a per-component choice of polished, ice-matte, or matte finish.

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