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  • This Xmas you can be your Santa. Treat yourself a gift: quitsmoking!! Xmas2015
  • Atmizone thanks all public testers for their crucial contribution. We proudly bring the Wave RTA official device to the vaping community on Wednesday, October 7th, 16.00 GMT.
  • As the Public Testing procedure has proved to be *quite* fruitful until today, we have decided to extend the Public Testing Period up to next Friday, Sept. 18th 2015, in order to get the most out this. One more week will be very useful to complete our feedback in the best possible way and give you some more time to fiddle with the Wave as much as you can ;) We will keep in touch during the next few days with extra tips, an example of the Horizontal Setup with close up photos - instructions and more! The Questionnaire link will be active from Monday, Sept. 14th 2015 for those wanting to complete it. We are also available for any communication via email/social media. Thanks once again for taking part!

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