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  • First batch of Keras MTA Nano already out of stock - believe it or not - only 5 days after public release! Thanks a ton for your support, new batch due for release by the end of next week ;)
  • The Keras MTA Giga version is here! All owners of the Wave RTA having purchased from, opt for priority and early purchase of the Keras MTA Giga. If you have purchased a Wave from us and want to get the Keras Giga before everyone else, just send an email to to know the details. You won't have to wait for the scheduled public release batches, as custom orders upon request and dispatch of items start as you read these lines! For everyone else, the first scheduled public release is due for this Saturday, October 1st 2016, GMT +06:00 (GMT time to your local time conversion here Atmizone's multi-tank concept goes public!
  • Summer Holidays are here! We will take some time off from Thursday, Aug. 11th, 2016, till Monday, Aug. 22nd, 2016, for swimming/diving/eating/drinking/vaping purposes ;) After charging our batteries (IMR top quality as always), we will be back to process any order and dispatch everything on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 2016. However, we will be always alert for anything you might need, trying to answer any email inquiry with the usual speed - within 24 hours tops. PS: Our return will be combined with some *very* interesting news!

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